Turkey Eggs

  laurie53 12:52 24 Jul 08

I've managed to get hold of a turkey egg.

Any hints on how much longer it takes to cook than a chicken egg?

Tried Google but not a lot there.

  interzone55 12:57 24 Jul 08

Keep hold of it & you'll be able to eat it for Christmas dinner...

  MAT ALAN 12:57 24 Jul 08

turkey eggs weigh approximately 80 to 90 grams (one and a half times more than a large chicken egg)

based on that boil it one and a half times longer

Fry it you will see exactly when its done..

slap it in an omelette, wont matter....

  Quickbeam 13:00 24 Jul 08

for a chicken's any way, is to lift it out on a spoon. When you see that the surface dries within seconds of lifting out it's a perfect soft boil. I don't see why that won't work with a Turkey egg, it's just a bigger egg.

  laurie53 16:56 25 Jul 08

Thanks for the responses. I had worked most of them out for myself.

I was wondering if anyone had actual experience.

Don't very often fail to get an expert opinion on this forum!

  laurie53 17:01 25 Jul 08

Incidentally MAT ALAN, my egg weighs 175 gm!

  Quickbeam 17:16 25 Jul 08

I reckon you'll need about half a large loaf for the dippy soldiers for that one:)

  John B 17:21 25 Jul 08

from click here

  spuds 17:54 25 Jul 08

Perhaps click here might have the correct answer!.

  Forum Editor 18:36 25 Jul 08

but I'm given goose eggs quite often, and I imagine the cooking times are about the same. I usually scramble the goose egg, but my wife boiled one once, and it was perfectly soft-boiled at 8 minutes.

  Legolas 14:49 28 Jul 08

How was your egg?

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