TUC Congress: T-shirts

  hssutton 09:05 AM 11 Sep 12

Is this how low certain people of this country have become? I've never heard of anything so disgusting in my life.

Maggie T-Shirts

  interzone55 16:50 PM 11 Sep 12

fourm member

Margaret Thatcher's policies directly contributed mass unemployment. The financial and moral poverty in the inner cities of this country are a result of this.

The actions of the ruling party are felt many years after they've been voted out of office.

I'm sure you feel the same about Blair & Brown...

  interzone55 13:38 PM 11 Sep 12

To be honest there's a lot of people in this country who will happily dance on Maggie's grave.

  morddwyd 08:53 AM 12 Sep 12

"It's a bit late to be still blaming Maggie for everything that went wrong in the mining homelands"

It was not Margaret but Heath who killed the mining homelands.

He gave in and was forced from office when the miners held the country to ransom and when she took over she was determined that the PM, and the country, would never be put in that position again.

She was an implacable enemy, and everything Scargill has predicted has come to pass

  Strawballs 03:59 AM 13 Sep 12

At least he is making a living and paying taxes and not scrounging off the state.

  Joseph Kerr 14:09 PM 11 Sep 12

"It's a bit late to be still blaming Maggie for everything that went wrong in the mining homelands".

Why? Does the person who is to blame change over time?

The shirt's in very poor taste, mind.

  BT 09:20 AM 11 Sep 12


Can you repost your link as I can't seem to get it to work.

  hastelloy 10:06 AM 11 Sep 12

I presume you mean this.

I don't have the words.

  Quickbeam 11:07 AM 11 Sep 12

It's a bit late to be still blaming Maggie for everything that went wrong in the mining homelands, but I've always said that when she does die, there are still areas that will put up the bunting and have a street party.

  Condom 11:39 AM 11 Sep 12

It's a T Shirt for goodness sake and I've certainly seen worse. I won't mourn her as she did the exact opposite of what she said she would do when entering No 10. I think it was something along the lines of bringing harmony when in fact she ended up almost splitting the Nation and even her own party got rid of her in the end.

  oresome 13:06 PM 11 Sep 12

It's not just a T Shirt though and I expect the image it creates in many peoples minds does the TUC no favours whatsoever.


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