The Tube Strike. or is it Lemmings strike again?

  peter99co 14:28 07 Sep 10

I understand the latest 2 day event is costing the country £50,000,000

What a waste.

Apparently people are not buying tickets at the station these days and staff are not needed to sell them.

  Woolwell 14:49 07 Sep 10

RMT union is led by Bob Crow and I think that is "nuff" said.

  wee eddie 15:45 07 Sep 10

there is a sort of Scargill'iste tendency among the Bosses of some of the Unions. 'Unite' comes to mind as well.

They appear to have little concept of the factors that allow Companies to thrive.

However, there are also Company Chairmen that appear to think that they can fill the Managements pockets at the expense of those of the Workforce.

The sooner that both parties realise that they are both in the same boat and get on with providing the Service, or Product, that the Company was set up too, the better for the UK

  DieSse 15:55 07 Sep 10

"The sooner that both parties realise that they are both in the same boat and get on with providing the Service, or Product, that the Company was set up too, the better for the UK"

Amen to that. If only!

  octal 17:07 07 Sep 10

It took me 3¼ hours to get to work today I haven't got a lot of sympathy for them, the old chestnut trying to justify it on safety is wearing a bit thin. They don't seemed to be listening to TFL when they have been constantly saying there will be no compulsory redundancies, so what exactly is their beef?

Not only that, in this day and age, how can they afford to lose a days pay? Everyone's the loser.

  Grey Goo 00:41 08 Sep 10

They are worried about driverless trains in the future and the end of their ludicrous twice the average wage packets.

  Grey Goo 00:46 08 Sep 10

If they can sabotage the upgrades to the system it will suit them just fine. The words progress and modernisation are not in their vocabulary and I daresay not many of them could actually spell the words.

  Forum Editor 00:54 08 Sep 10

is the very last thing we need in society right now. He's paid £129,000 a year, and yet he hasn't the intelligence to behave at a football match, never mind conduct mature Union/management negotiations. He's a classic example of a foul-mouthed yob who finds himself in a position of power, and exploits it to the maximum. He's a disgrace to the Union movement.

I feel sorry for the union members who are being led like sheep by this man, and for the London travellers who have to put up with the misery imposed upon them by a bunch of fools who haven't the wit to see where all this is going to end.

  KremmenUK 06:59 08 Sep 10

I think all transport workers should be banned from striking.

It does the country no good at all and affects so many innocent people.

In London the tube ticket office staff have been told that they will be moved from the ticket offices to the platforms during slack times.
Some ticket offices are only selling 5 or 6 tickets an hour so it seems common sense to close them during the off peak.

Not good enough for Crowe though, he is an attention seeker much like Scargill was (IMO)

  morddwyd 07:32 08 Sep 10

And yet everything Scargill predicted, dismissed as pure fantasy at the time, happened.

  bri-an 08:25 08 Sep 10

"I think all transport workers should be banned from striking."

Why stop there? Let's have a complete no-strike system so that nobody, in any occupation, was allowed to strike - that seems fairer to me.

Yes, interesting thing that was about Scargill.

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