true british band (at last)

  Seth Haniel 10:45 13 Sep 07

An estimated 20 million people rushed to register for tickets to see Led Zeppelin as soon as the band announced their reunion, promoters have said.
The remaining members of the legendary rock group will play a one-off show at the 20,000-capacity O2 arena in London on 26 November, they said on Wednesday.

totally wash away todays wannabees ;)

my claim to fame is carmen plant was in my class at school and jason bonham was in the class above. and that's just as exciting as my life gets :)

  Seth Haniel 10:59 13 Sep 07

actually saw them play twice- first time before they 'made it' playing a small club in the middle of a camp site in Holland - the second time at the 'Bath Festival' in 1970 in front of 250,000 fans.

not really led zep, but the riff from big log always grabs everyones attention if you pick and play at a party. *relives long gone halcyon days*
proper down to earth blokes, (if not always portrayed that way)

  Clapton is God 11:31 13 Sep 07

Led Zep may have been good in their day, but they were never the 'Cream' of the crop. ;-))

  Bingalau 11:41 13 Sep 07

You can't beat a British Military Band. Best of them of course is the band of HM Royal Marines. Who is this Led Zep?

  Seth Haniel 11:44 13 Sep 07

click here
fraid you're on the wrong thread ;)

  Bingalau 12:28 13 Sep 07

I'm quite happy being intellectually arrogant then!

  interzone55 12:31 13 Sep 07

Who are the promoters trying to kid, so 1/3 of the population have applied for tickets...

An 8 letter word starting with B springs to mind

  Riojaa 12:49 13 Sep 07

I like the re-mix 'Stairlift to Heaven' .

I never really got Led Zeppelin .
Was it that funny high rockless voice?

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