Trouble posting on a thread

  Blackhat 06 Mar 13

Trying to post on the smart watch thread and I keep getting bounced back saying ‘we think this is spam’. Never had that before. I do refer to a product company name, maybe that is what it is, any ideas?

  wiz-king 06 Mar 13

You are not the only one!! I have tried to post several times to that thread and got the same thing.

  Aitchbee 06 Mar 13

I tried to post:

... only if it's got a very 'easy-access' CMOS battery replacement procedure ... when it stops!

... nae good :0[

  WhiteTruckMan 06 Mar 13

same here. I posted a comment, clicked the post button and closed the tab after it reloaded without actually looking at it. Only just now noticed no post, and no mention of it in my posts.


  canarieslover 06 Mar 13

Obviously something wrong there as I have just had the same result.

  wee eddie 06 Mar 13

Me also, so I copied the contents of my post to FE, asking why.

  Quickbeam 06 Mar 13

I tried to post that I like a watch to be nothing else, no alarms, no calculator, no split lap timer, no radio connection to UNCLE headquarters etc, and was told that PCA thought I was a spammer, which is odd because spam with tinned tomatoes is an awful combination...

  Aitchbee 06 Mar 13

..."Open Channel D" could get you thru' to your favorite uncle, LEO G. Carroll :o]

  spuds 07 Mar 13

Agree, I tried a few times and my comments were also bounced back as spam, so its obvious something was wrong.

  caccy 07 Mar 13

There, and I thought it was just me it didn't like or is it a subtle advert for "SPAM"?

  Forum Editor 07 Mar 13

"" its obvious something was wrong."

Yes, and I apologise to all concerned. We're looking at it now.


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