Troops Cash Award Part 2

  johndrew 22:01 11 Nov 06

A short while ago this thread click here was posted and I expressed concerns that the `money men` would find a way around it. Welll, it appears they have. The tour of duty is now to be four months, apparently, which is not quite long enough to attract the payment!!!!!!!

  Koochy 22:10 11 Nov 06

Snatch it away.


  WhiteTruckMan 00:17 12 Nov 06

cannot adequately express my anger, loathing and contempt for the bean counters who come up with this weasel worded get out.


  The Brigadier 08:21 12 Nov 06

You give with one hand, you take with the other!

  Forum Editor 08:22 12 Nov 06

As a matter of interest, where did you get that information?

  egapup 10:34 12 Nov 06

Cant believe that, can you imagine the uproar if it was true.

  sunny staines 10:42 12 Nov 06

penny pinching by the gov't on our troops is a disgrace.

  Forum Editor 10:47 12 Nov 06

I agree, but before we all lose control I would at least like to make sure the information is correct, which is why I asked the question in my earlier post.

  WhiteTruckMan 10:48 12 Nov 06

when people tend to believe a so far unsubstantiated story like this is likely to be true rather than the opposite.


  Forum Editor 10:56 12 Nov 06

Yes, but nevertheless we should all be interested in confirming the source. Triumphs of hope over experience are not entirely unknown.

  WhiteTruckMan 12:36 12 Nov 06

triumphs of experience over hope seem to be the norm. At least in recent years (in my experience).


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