A tribute @ 25 years

  Hackwatch 16:46 01 Apr 07

For more info click here & click here
Thank you.

  mammak 21:19 01 Apr 07

I had just given birth to my first Son my then Husband was a member of the Royal Air Force and was on standby for the Falklands, I was a young girl of 21 with my first baby I am ashamed to say now I did not want my husband to go!

As it turns out he did not go, but I have now grown up and would have now been proud to tell my Son his Dad had been apart of the Falklands,

A moments thought for all that lost and suffered.

  mammak 21:24 01 Apr 07

apart = a part

  Hackwatch 11:07 02 Apr 07

2nd April was the Invasion day of the Falkland Islands.

  riiverstock 12:09 02 Apr 07

I'm surprised that this topic did'nt get all the usual,lately very common,old soldiers love-in.

Has a pc forum been gradually invaded!

Is the Falklands,one to forget then?
The Sun,Maggie and those suspect rules of engagement all too much for us?

  Hackwatch 13:18 02 Apr 07

It's to do with respect & remembering those who were their & those who did not return.

  g0slp 13:26 02 Apr 07

Well said.

  Cymro. 16:18 02 Apr 07

As Hackwatch said respect those who did not return, but I never thought it

was a just or a necessary war. Mid you not many wars are just or necessary.

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