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  interzone55 06 Dec 11

I'm in London at the weekend, and I've just noticed that the DLR is off for the weekend, which is something of a disaster, as my travel plans depended on it.

Anyone know how to get from E16 2BZ (Travelodge at City Airport) to E1 0HX (Troxy @ Limehouse) & back?

  Covergirl 06 Dec 11

4.1 miles, 11 mins by road. Probably a taxi would be most convenient.

See the sights too as you are transported along.

  Covergirl 06 Dec 11

Oops - for some reason that link invaded from my last post even though I had copied the new link and pasted twice into the body of the message and it's still in memory now ????????

Here's another go at the link

  interzone55 06 Dec 11

Thanks Covergirl, I think it'll have to be a taxi, I checked the TfL journey planner and it's minimum two buses.

I only picked the Travelodge we're staying at because it was easy to get to using the DLR, so I'm pretty annoyed that it's off this weekend. Can't change now as the hotel is paid for and can't be cancelled...

  Aitchbee 06 Dec 11

alan14 - my little brother, who is a London Black Cab Taxi Driver, would be most willing to transport you for free...his kudos points credited, would suffice :o)...he's done the KNOWLEDGE.

  Forum Editor 06 Dec 11

"he's done the KNOWLEDGE."

He would have to, he couldn't be a black cab driver otherwise.

  Forum Editor 06 Dec 11

If you don't manage to meet up with AitchBEE's brother call London Radio Taxis on 020 7272 0272.

They are licensed black cab drivers, and they operate a superb service. I use them quite often,and they've never let me down. The driver will call you when he's nearby.

  Aitchbee 06 Dec 11

FE - other member's of the public are not knowledgable about the KNOWLEDGE - if you know what I mean :O]

  interzone55 06 Dec 11

Forum Editor

Thanks I've taken that number down.


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