Travel insurance

  Si_L 23:48 27 Sep 07

Does anyone know the best place to go for travel insurance? (single trip, to India), the cheaper the better, but a good level of cover necessary as I will be away for 6 months.

Website hyperlinks are good...

Ta :)

  Forum Editor 23:51 27 Sep 07

apart from saying that the words 'cheap' and 'good' may be mutually exclusive in that context.

click here

  STREETWORK 07:32 28 Sep 07

Try your bank...

when I go to America or Canada I buy the insurance from that country over the internet. It is about 60% cheaper. Example family of 4, 2 weeks, 67 dollars including dental treatment and free prescription for children...

  spuds 13:00 28 Sep 07

There are a great deal of adverts out there about cheap/good travel insurance. A simple google for a comparison website, may speed up a decision.

The 6 month stay, may put a block on some policies. Best to consider this from the start.

  Bingalau 13:16 28 Sep 07

I keep a certain amount of money in my current bank account (Lloydtsb). This in turn provides me with free annual travel insurance, also free AA membership. Check with your bank it may provide the same services. (Yes I know it's not really free).

  Pamy 15:42 28 Sep 07

  Forum Editor 18:29 28 Sep 07

Mine gives me very good travel cover.

  mymate 18:49 28 Sep 07

When i go to India i use click here
About £75 for 4months away in India.I have never had to claim thank god but i have read on the internet they are not much good for paying out .

  mymate 18:55 28 Sep 07

I think if you pay by your Bank card you can get travel insurance but its only for 30days away.A lot of people i know have been to India on a 6 month visa and insured with Tesco, thinking they are insured for up to a year but thats the same you can only be away 30days to get insurance.

Si_L do know you cant post your India visa application form any more ? you either have to pay someone to get it for you or go yourself .Visa agency are charging £30 -£45 to get it for you + you have to pay postage at recorded delivery .

  mikef. 19:39 28 Sep 07

I agree with mymate, I use insure and go as well, find them good

  sunny staines 12:11 29 Sep 07

stick to decent hotels in india its famous for a scam where they deliberately give you deli belly so they get a back hander of the doc when he is called out.

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