wolfie3000 21:10 09 Jun 06

Well this news made my year.

Transformers the live action movie is being made and will be released soon.

click here

I havent been this excited since the news of the halo movie.

Iv been grinning like a cheshire cat since i found out.

More news and a video to download of a cgi test of optimus prime can be found here.

click here

  SG Atlantis® 22:40 09 Jun 06

lol, I remember them from being a kid.

I have been actively introducing my daughters to things I enjoyed, like older films (no new crap movies that have little value), books and games I played back then. Don´t think my girls would be into this....

  wolfie3000 01:23 10 Jun 06

Me too SG i had all the toys still i didnt manage to get optimus prime :(

Iv seen the whole series and the 1986 animated film.

Just one critisism of the new film why isnt Optimus prime red?

I hope this new film has soundwave in it as i loved him in the series and i even had him as a toy.

  VNAM75 22:47 11 Jun 06

Used to be my favourite "cartoon". Some of the toys I had were:


Simple Quiz:

1) What were the good guys called?
2) The bad guys?
3) Who were the original leaders of the above?
4) Who was Starscream?

  wolfie3000 06:51 12 Jun 06

1) Autobots
2) decepticons
3) Optimus prime and Megatron (who were replaced by ????? and Ultra magnus in the 1986 film)
4) Star scream was originaly a scientist until the war started now hes second in command in the decepticons He is a red jet fighter with an annoying voice and a huge ego who always trys to take control of the decepticons and always disagrees with megatron.

  wolfie3000 06:55 12 Jun 06

List of transformers i had,


  wee eddie 08:13 12 Jun 06

Now you know what the Generation Gap is!

  rmcqua 10:48 12 Jun 06

...I thought this post was going to be about electrical components. Never mind!

  SANTOS7 11:12 12 Jun 06

I TRANSFORMED my working PC into a doorstop once....

  Thalmus 11:24 12 Jun 06

I've still got my orginal Optimus Prime from 1984, still in its box....

  SANTOS7 11:30 12 Jun 06

Value about 50-60 quid good investment!!!

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