Trans Siberian Railway anyone?

  Graham* 30 Dec 11

A few years ago, a friend and I booked for a 7 day trip on the Trans Siberian Railway. Unfortunately it was cancelled at short notice due to a lack of bookings. We finished up in Goa.

I still would like to go, I found this on Google

  daz60 31 Dec 11

Been thinking of doing something like that for ages,did discover this interesting and informative site for an alternative.

silk road

  Quickbeam 31 Dec 11

That sounds like a good way for someone like me that won't fly anywhere to spend my tax free pension lump sum. I've no intention of just spending it on ordinary day to day living, it'll have to be blown on something extraordinary.

  Graham* 31 Dec 11

On our trip, we were to over-night in Irkutsk near the shores of Lake Baikal. It is probably best to go in winter to view the scenery at its best.

  morddwyd 31 Dec 11

My wife has always wanted to go across the States by Amtrak.

Don't suppose we ever will now, but it remains a dream.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 31 Dec 11

Pass the Vodka

  spuds 31 Dec 11

Trans Siberian journey would be a thrill in a lifetime to the people who regarded this as an adventure, but what would happen if all the heating went off, and it was rather 'chilly' outside?.

  morddwyd 31 Dec 11

You'd freeze to death and it would turn out to be the thrill of a deathtime!

  Quickbeam 01 Jan 12

Snow Queens have that effect on the unwary.

  interzone55 01 Jan 12

20 years ago I travelled to Pakistan for an eye-opening 6 weeks of travel and charity work.

we got the cheapest flight possible, which turned out to involve four different airlines and, as we found out only after taking off, a three day stopover in Moscow.

We were travelling in January, so were dressed for a UK winter, but were not too well bundled up because it would be 25°C in Karachi. Unfortunately it was -25°C in Moscow, luckily I had a pair of Levi 501s which I used to barter for a nice warm coat...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 01 Jan 12

what would happen if all the heating went off

that's what the Vodka is for :0)


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