Totally off topic, but I forgive myself for once..

  Forum Editor 23:52 11 Aug 04

If you're awake just before dawn, and the sky's clear where you live, see if you can spot one of the solar system's free extravaganzas?

We're curently passing through the Perseids - the name given to the debris shed by Comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle. The debris particles are tiny - roughly the size of a match head, or a dried pea. Inbound at around 50Km a second, they release their energy as they hit the earth's atmosphere and burn up in a burst of intense light.

If you're lucky you'll see about one a minute on average, and some of the larger ones will leave trails that last for a few seconds. Well worth a look.

Message ends - back to computing.

  Dan the Confused 00:18 12 Aug 04

More info click here

Some years it can be spectacular, but you have to find somewhere away from street lighting.

I know all about astronomy cos I've got a postcard from Patrick Moore. So there.

  Charence 00:36 12 Aug 04

weather where I am is quite poor at the moment so no chance of seeing the Perseid meteors tonight, maybe tomorrow it'll be better.

Apparently under ideal conditions there can be upto 50-100 per hour.


  Sethhaniel 11:49 12 Aug 04

XP faults on ;)

- get yer anoraks on -

well typically no moon so clear viewing - except for English weather fog / mist / streetlight polution - have to wait till were hit by one to know its going on ;)

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