Tory David Davis resigns

  birdface 23:40 12 Jun 08

Tory David Davis resigns because of objections to extended detention for terror suspects.He plans to have a new local Election in protest.How nice of him.I wonder how much he is going to pay towards this election.Nothing I presume.All down to the tax payer again.I think if he resigns from his position he should not be able to stand in another election for the same Party.Indeed I think he should not be allowed to stand for any party unless he is willing to pay all the costs himself.I think it is a disgrace that the British Public should have to pay for this.I think this is just a complete waste of money as no one looks like they are going to oppose him at the polls.I am not politically minded and this is only my opinion.Anyone with a different view.

  Forum Editor 00:11 13 Jun 08
  birdface 00:19 13 Jun 08

Thanks FE never noticed.Will close this now.

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