Torchwood......anyone watching it?

  DANZIG 10:46 08 Jul 09

I've just watched the first two episodes this morning on the iplayer.

How impressed am I?


Then again, I'm a fan of all things Who-esque.

Anyone else watching it?
If you are, there's something that's niggling at the back of my head about those gas filled cages that have been constructed - I'm sure I've seen them somewhere before.......

  dagnammit 11:19 08 Jul 09

I have iplayer on my new mobile... I might view this, it's a SciFi show, right?

(Off topic: Maybe I might actually get something out of the £145 I'm compelled to waste every year.)

  DANZIG 11:36 08 Jul 09

If you like the sci-fi type thing I can't recommend it enough.

Very British as well (well Welsh really), but you get the idea..

  OTT_Buzzard 12:08 08 Jul 09

Watched the first two on iPlayer last night as well. Just hope they manage to finish it off sensibly (for a sci-fi!).
My only issue so far is a home office official giving out their IT un / pw. That seems a bit daft!

  DANZIG 12:10 08 Jul 09

Hmm, thinking about it now, that did seem a touch silly. Almost as silly as home office official's leaving laptops, memory sticks, etc etc on trains and taxi's.

As if THAT would happen!

Ha Ha!!

Seriously though, I really am looking forward to tonights episode!

  Grey Goo 13:52 08 Jul 09

Admit it, you just liked seeing Captain Jack in the buff.

  DANZIG 14:12 08 Jul 09

Ha Ha!

You can't open a magazine these days without seeing Barrowman's bits on display!


  WhiteTruckMan 16:57 08 Jul 09

tonight, in my copious free time :)


  Forum Editor 18:16 08 Jul 09

and I've watched this week's two episodes with her. I must say I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

  wellshgit 19:07 08 Jul 09

I really enjoyed 1st 2 episodes, am looking forward to tonights. Wife is a bit miffed though, she has to wait until 10 o,clock to watch big brother crap.

  Legolas 19:38 08 Jul 09

I agree with most of the comments, I have watched both episodes and enjoyed the first very much, the second was also very watchable I am well and truly hooked. It has the same writer as Doctor Who Russell T Davies so I expect the rest of the episodes to be just as good.

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