Too many takeaways!

  Blackhat 11:07 14 Apr 12

I live close to the high street of a Birmingham suburb and last year our local council announced that they were going to curb the planning permissions for food outlets. Since then another 6 have opened.

The high street is approximately 1 mile long with side roads, there are 44, yes FOURTY FOUR establishments where you can eat in or take away hot food. That’s probably more than a lot of seaside resorts. (And there isn’t even a MacDonald’s).

Quite a few only last 6 months to a year and then close only to re-open under new management soon after. This morning I noticed 2 more with opening soon signs, an English & Caribbean take away and an Indian & Thai restaurant.

Surely this over the top?

Just to add, during hot weather the smell in my back garden from the Dixy Chicken and chippy next to it gets quite bad.

  Aitchbee 11:20 14 Apr 12

I heard a bit about it, on BBC Radio4 this morning...this is what they were discussing...

I think there are too many takeaways and bookies were I usually do my shopping.

  Blackhat 11:26 14 Apr 12


Thanks, I hadn't seen that article, thats exactly what I am on about, I only have 5 bookies which I never use.

  Aitchbee 11:27 14 Apr 12

fourm member - this town ain't big enough for the both of us ;o]

  Blackhat 11:28 14 Apr 12

Forum Member,

Yes it is a coincidence, I was going to post about this last week but only got around to a final count on outlets yesterday.

  Blackhat 11:30 14 Apr 12

Going out for breakfast now in one of the 5 cafe's I can choose from.

  birdface 11:38 14 Apr 12


I think it is a Uk problem.Lots of shops closing and being replaced by fast food shops opening in there place.

Price of 1 potato peanuts.Change it into chips vast profits.

Thats all that seems to open in our town Fast food shops.Mobile Phone shops or Banks.

The fast food shops are always busy and they wonder why the uk population is getting fatter.

  QuizMan 11:44 14 Apr 12

I suppose we are all partially responsible, at least those of us that shop online. One of the few things you cannot do online is buy takeaway food or eat out in a restaurant.

  Aitchbee 11:45 14 Apr 12

I'm going out to put my bets on...twelve bookies to choose from.

  Blackhat 12:09 14 Apr 12

Make that 45.

Just had my usual Saturday £1.85 English breakfast at the In Shops café and there is a new Caribbean eatery opened up next to it. Only has 2 tables, both empty.

  morddwyd 12:14 14 Apr 12

"One of the few things you cannot do online is buy takeaway food "

Oh yes you can.

I know of at least one carryout where you can order on line, and either have it delivered or collect it yourself!

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