Too Danderous??

  rawprawn 14:50 17 Feb 08

I read with interest that for Health & Safety reasons that primary schools were to stop providing hot drinks to children, beause they may burn themselves.
This is just another "Mad Ban" and follows in the steps of Banning Conkers, and Pancake Races.
We shall be preventing Firefighters attending blazes next in case they get burnt.
Or Mountain Rescue in case they fall off.

  Totally-braindead 14:55 17 Feb 08

I think we should stop children walking in case they fall and force them to wear a large cotton wool suit just in case they can injure themselves. And of course institute permanent wearing of crash helmets.

  interzone55 15:03 17 Feb 08

As soon as people stop suing over minor accidents that are mainly their own fault, then schools can start allowing children to play games again.

It's not the health & safety officers that are at fault, but the ambulance chasing "no win no fee" solicitors

  lofty29 15:18 17 Feb 08

the way I read it was it was because tea and coffee had no nutritional value, but then neither has a glass of water

  lofty29 15:20 17 Feb 08

ps firefighters have been banned from helping with towns christmas decoration because the might fall off the ladders

  rawprawn 15:35 17 Feb 08

Do health and safety officers get paid by bank transfer on the grounds that if they were paid in cash they are likely to get mugged on the way home.
Come to think about it the best way would be to not pay them at all, that way they wouldn't be in danger of obese related problems.

  Forum Editor 15:47 17 Feb 08

Thank you for highlighting the real crux of the matter. We're fast becoming a society of "can I get some compensation for this?" people, and it is indeed us, the good citizens of Britain, who are to blame for the over-compensation that takes place everywhere.

If we didn't look at everything in terms of compensation potential there would be no need for silly health and safety regulations.

  walesrob 15:56 17 Feb 08

As a regular visitor to countries in Europe and Asia, people I speak to in those countries laugh when they hear tales of banning this, limiting that, risk assessment this, health and safety that, they think we've lost the plot. Great Britain? No, its Standard-Britain.

  peter99co 15:58 17 Feb 08

At our sailing club they wanted us to fit a railings to stop people falling in the water.

  interzone55 16:37 17 Feb 08

I think you'll find that no one uses a ladder for putting up public Christmas decorations, that was done away with a couple of years ago.

For high level work now you have to use a cherry picker, makes sense really, as ladders are not terribly safe, ask any window cleaner who's rushed a bit and not secured his ladder properly.

  Forum Editor 17:50 17 Feb 08

when every high street had at least two butcher's shops will tell you that everyone behind the counter was short of one finger, and possibly more.

Most timber merchants employed someone who had lost a couple of fingers in a band-saw accident.

All builders knew someone who had suffered a serious injury at work.

Every livery stable had a story about someone who suffered a serious head injury when riding sans helmet.

Yes, the world carried on, but there were hundreds of thousands of horrible injuries and illnesses that needn't have happened.

We've eliminated the main dangers to a large extent, but like lots of pendulums this one has swung too far in the opposite direction - propelled by the fear of dozens of compensation claims from people suffering with a poor finger as a result of pressing a button that didn't have a 'beware, danger of poor finger' warning sign on it.

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