tom tom navigator

  Optimo 22:07 19 May 05

i have just bought tom tom navigator which came on a 128mb sd card, i was wondering if i could transfer the program onto a 512mb card, also what is the best way of doing this?

  Al94 22:12 19 May 05

I am virtually certain you can't do this but don't know where I read it

  georgemac © 07:39 20 May 05

which version or type of tom tom product have you bought? click here this is the tom tom support page - if you cannot find an answer by searching, you can email them.

My understanding of tom tom is that it can be connected to the pc and the software upgraded and thing like speed camera locations added - if this is possible I would have thought you would have been able to put in a bigger memory card.

  anchor 16:14 28 May 05
  Lead 05:43 01 Jun 05

As far as TomTom Mobile goes, yes it can be done.

I haven't done it myself, so to find out how search the forum at this site:

click here

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