Today is the day.

  wids001 07:41 01 Sep 10

It's arrived - my copy of Tony Blair's new book. £127.00 from Amazon & worth every penny. The deluxe edition has a beautiful cloth covering and has been signed by him as well.

Cancelled today's trip to the allotment and the pub to start the read.

  wids001 08:59 01 Sep 10

I met the man in 1996 and was very impressed with his response to my grievances. It was heartfelt and was addressed to me and not on a more general scope. It was then when I thought that he would be a good PM, and as I've said many, many times on these forums, nothing he did has changed my view that he is the best PM this country has had since before WW2, Churchill and Thatcher included. On a personal level as a pensioner I certainly benefitted whilst he was PM and indeed Labour were in power. I could produced a list ...

  Quickbeam 09:14 01 Sep 10

It sounds to me like this post should be on the 'magic moments' for you thread...

  tullie 09:16 01 Sep 10

Just out of interest,how do you feel about him taking us to war?

  Kevscar1 09:20 01 Sep 10

So tell me how do you feel about his government having a racist housing policy.

  WhiteTruckMan 09:29 01 Sep 10

quite easily turning into one of those highly charged emotive threads.


  ella33 09:35 01 Sep 10

Well lots of people travel a long way to see a favourite author and get a book signed. I guess it may cost the same amount in travel and expenses.

  morddwyd 09:36 01 Sep 10

Surely wids001 is as entitled to his opinion as the rest of us, without being accused of being mentally ill?

Differing views are healthy, intolerance isn't.

As it happens I don't agree with him, but on the other hand many, wids001 included, would not agree with me that Margaret Thatcher was the best Prime Minister since Young Billy.

  carver 09:49 01 Sep 10

I never knew that Billy Bunter was ever in Government.

  jakimo 10:09 01 Sep 10

£127! thats more than many pensioners get in a week

  lotvic 10:14 01 Sep 10

A sobering thought that puts it in perspective

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