Today is 29th April 2013 or 29/04/13

  Dragon_Heart 29 Apr 13

So today is 29th April 2013 or 29/04/13 but was the very first day 1st January 0000 or 0001 ?

I do know the answer !

  Dragon_Heart 29 Apr 13

It does not 'help' but answers the question AND at 3 am :-)

Understand there were riots during this period as people thought that they would loose days off their lifetime.

  BT 29 Apr 13

I don't think it really matters, all I know is that its exactly 8 years since I packed up work :-))))

  Quickbeam 29 Apr 13

Does that explain why we've missed the last 6 summers to a perpetual winter?

  Quickbeam 29 Apr 13

Does that explain why we've missed the last 6 summers to a perpetual winter?

  Quickbeam 29 Apr 13

I hope the double post hasn't doomed us to a 12 year winter and the wrath of what lays beyond the wall...

  Bing.alau 29 Apr 13

Isn't it the Chinese who become two years old on their first birthday? (after one year of life).

  Aitchbee 29 Apr 13

Racehorses have their birthdays on the same day every year ie. 1st January - why can't us humans have a similar system ... then you would never forget a birthday card or present ;o]

  Quickbeam 29 Apr 13

No body would ever get a decent birthday present that near to Christmas!

  Cymro. 29 Apr 13

Here in the UK we use day, month, year in that order. So who decided that the USA were going to use month, day, year in that order?. With so many things regarding IT originating in the USA and so using their method of writing the date it can be confusing if you don't realise the item you are using originated in the USA and so use their system of writing the date.

  Quickbeam 29 Apr 13

...or when designing space telescopes.


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