Titanic SS or RMS

  blazon 82 13:19 15 Apr 12

All of the programs on TV refer to Titanic as RMS. On a grave in the cemetery near me is a memorial to a member of the crew of SS Titanic. In the recent program about the band that played as she sank, they showed a memorial to the leader of the band of SS Titanic. They also showed a letter sent to the relatives of the leader demanding payment for his uniform, that also said he was on SS Titanic. I just wonder which is correct, SS or RMS

  bremner 13:46 15 Apr 12

My understanding is that Both are correct and I have also seen written HMS SS Titanic

On lunch she was Steam Ship Titanic, the lifeboats has SS Titanic on them, but on her maiden voyage she was designated to carry the Royal Mail and could be called Royal Mail Steamer Titantic

  bremner 13:48 15 Apr 12

That should have said RMS SS Titanic and the lifeboats had a SS and RMS Titanic.

  Quickbeam 13:52 15 Apr 12

It's hard to avoid the subject today, films, TV dramas, radio docudramas, souvenir newspaper reprints, 3D Titanic...

  Woolwell 13:55 15 Apr 12

She would have been launched as SS Titanic but was entitled to be called RMS Titanic when carrying mail under contract to Royal Mail. If she had survived and had stopped carrying mail under contract she would haver reverted to SS.

  Al94 14:25 15 Apr 12

Quite surprised that Google haven'nt marked the occasion, they usually come up with something imaginative for even obscure events https://www.google.co.uk/

  Condom 23:30 18 Apr 12

I was in a Thai restaraunt this evening and got chatting to a family who had just returned from Belfast where they had been celebrating, or whatever you wish to call it, the centenary of Titanic.

They told me they had been to a Thai restaraunt there and apparently it was called Thai Tanic.

It did a roaring trade but what a wonderful name.

  Quickbeam 00:18 19 Apr 12

'what a wonderful name.' It certainly is compared to all the 'Wok U Likes' around the country.

  Strawballs 20:04 19 Apr 12

She actually started off her life before being launched as The Olympic.

  Woolwell 21:00 19 Apr 12

Strawballs - As far as I am aware the Olympic was the first of a class of 3. The second was Titanic and the third was Britannic.

  Strawballs 21:15 19 Apr 12

They built the first 2 at the same time and as they wanted the first to be Titanic they swapped the names when the crew of the Olympic got ahead they swapped the names. That was how it was explained in a TV program about the build I watched a few years ago.

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