Tiscali seem to be having a problem

  It's Me 09:34 11 Feb 05

I would like to make it quite clear that this is not a complaint.

I would just like to know whether anyone else has received the message below, or is it just me!

"In early January we contacted you to let you know that we would be increasing the speed of your 150kbps broadband service to 256kbps at no additional cost.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to increase your broadband speed due to technical constraints at your local telephone exchange. This issue has affected only a small number of our customers and we sincerely apologise.

To compensate we will reduce the price of your 150k broadband package from £15.99 to £14.99 a month, starting from 1st February 2005.

You may notice a slight change in the description of your broadband package on this bill. Please ignore this, it is simply a result of our attempt to upgrade your speed.

In the meantime, we will keep trying to get your speed upgrade completed and will let you know if we are successful.

We hope you continue to enjoy your Tiscali Broadband service"

I am happy enough about all this and the new price is what I was paying for my dial-up. In fact, I reckon Tiscali are being very fair.

  gudgulf 12:33 11 Feb 05

Try this test.... click here

Enter your phone number and postcode to find out how far away from your local exchange you are and what services/speeds are available.As I understand it, it is Tiscali who throttle back the speeds not BT so if it says that 256Kb or above is available then you should be able to get the upgrade.

I realise that Tiscali often get a lot of flack and I'm not entering into that debate ,but if you find that you should be able to get the higher speed from your local exchange then you have a bit more leverage to get your upgrade from them.

  It's Me 16:13 11 Feb 05

I did what you suggested and got the result shown below. To my unpracticed eye, it seems to be a bit ambiguous. Perhaps it will be sorted on the 23/02/2005. What do you think.

Your exchange is enabled for ADSL!
There is currently no spare capacity for ADSL connections at your exchange. Capacity is due to be increased on 23/02/2005

The following level of service is available at your location:

You cannot receive 2Mbps ADSL
You may be able to receive 1Mbps ADSL
You can receive 512Kbps ADSL
You can receive 256Kbps ADSL

You are approximately 3.40km from the exchange (straight line distance).

However, there appears to a compatibility issue with your phone line. This could be caused by an existing broadband connection, ISDN, a DACS unit, TPON, a pending ADSL order or many other common issues. This will need to be resolved before ADSL can be supplied to your line.

  spuds 16:41 11 Feb 05

It seems as though Tiscali's venture of trying to do what other ISP's are doing,and it is beginning to backfire slightly.

I was upgraded from 3x to 5x without any problems, but since that time I have made many attempts on-line to upgrade further. I cannot, due to being informed that Tiscali cannot provide me with any of their packages. My telephone number is a 'negative' for providing any of the Tiscali services. I am very suspect about this statement, because if my telephone number is negative, and Tiscali cannot provide me with a service, I wonder how I am able to read and sent messages to the likes of this forum!.

Tiscali customer services state that I can update on-line, but on-line state I cannot. Back to the drawing board, I think.

  gudgulf 17:39 11 Feb 05

If there is no spare capacity on the exchange and there is some sort of problem identified on your connection then Tiscali are being truthful in their letter to you.Keep your fingers crossed that the work to the exchange is done on schedule.At least you now know the reason you could not get your upgrade.

  It's Me 20:43 11 Feb 05

Thank you gudgulf for your help, i feel confident now that I know where it all stands.

And thank you spuds for your comment also. it seems amazing to me that what appears to be such a large organisation can't seem to get it quite right.

  busman 22:40 11 Feb 05

I too recieved the e-mail in post one and after doing the test at adsl guide I have allready been upgraded to 5x, so i've no idea whats going on,i hope Tiscali still give me a £1 deduction every month...

  Eargasm 22:54 11 Feb 05

I have the same tiscali product as you with the same problem, but the £1 reduction to £14.99 is a nice gesture.

Prior to taking the tiscali package i was on dial-up with BT costing £14 per month for evening and weekends, so i ain't complaining lets see if they can deliver on 23/02/2005

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