timeshift pc game

  mrwoowoo 00:24 13 Feb 08

Any fps gamers looking for something a bit novel but still traditional gameplay should give this a whirl.
About halfway through and thoroughly recommend it.
The graphics in places are awesome and gameplay is good old fps fare with a twist.
You can stop,slow and rewind time to help you progress through obsticles and easy puzzles or use them in combat.In a fire fight you can stop time,go up to an enimy and take his weapon and await his reaction on finding his weapon gone when time resumes.After museing at his reaction you can then blast your hapless victim.
Most reviews give it around 7/10.Me? 8/10.

  crosstrainer 06:21 13 Feb 08

Is the game online only? Or can I play it as a stand alone?

  mrwoowoo 16:32 13 Feb 08

As i have never played online with any game i'm not even sure if you can, lol.
Single player for me, so the answers yes you can play as a stand alone.

  crosstrainer 16:41 13 Feb 08

For a demo download?

  mrwoowoo 01:38 14 Feb 08

Only one i know of as am at work at the mo.click here

  mrwoowoo 06:51 14 Feb 08

This is a better site.
click here

  crosstrainer 07:47 14 Feb 08

Thanks for the links, I am the same, never play onlune games, but will give this a shot since I've finished the FEAR Perseus mandate game now!

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