Time traveller spotted at Chaplin premiere?

  Uboat 15:45 28 Oct 10

Ok i know some of you will laugh at my last two posts one about the weird sound over Hull, & now this one, The chap on this video is a director and the video speaks for itself...

Can anyone give any idea of this.??

click here

click here

She obviously did her homework as far as period clothes are concerned!! I'd have been more impressed if she had been wearing Pedal Pushers and had her hair in curlers, lol!

  spuds 15:51 28 Oct 10

They still say Elvis Presley is alive and kicking ;o)

  jakimo 16:21 28 Oct 10

Its either Miss Marple on a case,or Ann Widdecombe sleepwalking

  Uboat 16:23 28 Oct 10

sorry another member posted i didnt see it...

  Strawballs 18:31 29 Oct 10

So what network would she be using it on back then and there would not be any cells about back then.

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