Time to convert Time?

  peter99co 17:30 21 Apr 08

Is this the way to go?

It would save us keep putting our clocks forward and back for summer time.

click here

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:46 21 Apr 08

Correct me if I am wrong, but is not the centre of the earth, the core?

  anskyber 17:51 21 Apr 08

They are going to be very disappointed when they realise that magnetic north is drifting eastwards, as it is, at about 3 miles a year.

  peter99co 18:26 21 Apr 08

My point is really why do we have to change anything. I can buy apples in lbs or kilo's they are the same apples. I would think that a good GPS would always point to Mecca,if set properly. My house is perfectly aligned to north because I can see Polaris from my bedroom window on most nights,except when it is cloudy. I bought a watch that goes backwards some years ago and it has 9 on the right and 3 on the left as you look at it.
It was made in China, not France.

  Forum Editor 18:40 21 Apr 08

was that the first cuckoo I just heard?

  peter99co 18:41 21 Apr 08

I think I might be cuckoo!

  Woolwell 18:54 21 Apr 08

Is their calendar out by 20 days?

  laurie53 20:38 21 Apr 08

This just just a ploy to counter EU plans to introduce the metric calendar.

1,000 days to the year, 100 to the month and 10 to the week.

100 hours to the day, and 100 minutes to the hour.

This will remove the pensions crisis because most people will be dead before their 40th birthday!

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