'Thou shalt shoplift' says priest

  Input Overload 07:52 22 Dec 09

click here A true Christmas spirit.

  bri-an 08:16 22 Dec 09

If there could ever be 'true' Christmas Spirit then there would be no need for him to say that, as we would all be sharing all we have with everyone else, anyway, and nobody would be without.

  Amyfa 09:27 22 Dec 09

Agree with bri-an if those that had shared with those that didn't then no one would go hungry

  interzone55 09:28 22 Dec 09

I just watch him on BBC Breakfast, and he does have a point.

Every day supermarkets throw away hundreds of tons of food, either because it's slightly damaged, or a few seconds past it's use by date.

Most of this food could be quite safely handed to homeless charities, but they don't for many reasons, some related to public liability insurance.

As Father Tim says, some people have to resort to stealing because they're starving. Our benefits system which apparently attracts people from across the globe (according to the BNP anyway, although they've never been known to let the truth get in the way of a good story), neglects the people in true need, the people who for many reasons, drugs, parental abuse (physical, sexual and psychological) or just sheer bad luck, have just fallen through the cracks.

Charities are there to help some, and a good few people have been helped to climb back up the ladder by selling the Big Issue, but some people are just too badly damaged to even do this, so shoplifting is probably the safest way for these people to get some food, the other options are distinctly less pleasant...

  Seth Haniel 09:33 22 Dec 09

commandments now - which will be the next they cast by the wayside.
Oh they've already got rid of ' we will have no god before thee' as the Lords Prayer finishes with a Salute to the Egyptian God 'Amen'

  Toneman 09:36 22 Dec 09

I've thought for some time that we're becoming a "commune"ist state...

  sunnystaines 10:02 22 Dec 09

perhaps if people stole from him he may take a different view,

  johndrew 10:06 22 Dec 09

I disagree with waste but I also disagree with abetting theft.

In this instance I think the `waste` food from supermarkets should be `re-cycled` to those in need rather than dumped in a landfill. Perhaps those who buy food and throw it away should also consider their actions.

Theft can never be condoned. To do so puts society on a slippery slope. Condone theft and what next; look for the next `innocent` crime???

As a `man of the cloth` this individual should know better than to suggest breaking one of the basic rules of society and his belief.

  jack 10:07 22 Dec 09

A 'Give away surplus policy' to 'Soup for the homeless' groups around the country at this time of year.
It could I guess be extended in some way to other deprived individuals- but as already pointed out public liability issues can get in the way.
Stores risked food past sell by date getting into pubs/clubs/market stalls- with the risk of lost sales and the real possiblity of health issues causing come back.
All good ideas such as this run the risk of abuse- therefore some firms simply refuse to play at all and deliberately spoil their 'Discards' with Dyes and the like.

  johndrew 13:46 22 Dec 09

`Stores risked food past sell by date getting into pubs/clubs/market stalls- with the risk of lost sales and the real possiblity of health issues causing come back.`

click here

Which would you sooner eat?

  bri-an 14:24 22 Dec 09

The point is, if, say, Tesco gave food away and it did cause some sickness then they could be sued, with much impact on their 'name'.
The criminals mentioned in your link from, 2003, would not likely be too bothered about their reputation.

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