Those Nigerian scammers must be getting desperate

  jack 19:48 05 Feb 09

And upping the game.
Twice to-day and once yesterday Mr Khofi Annan himself of the United Nations wants to give me money to compensate that so wickedly removed from me by those West African Hoodlums
As usual- the text is one remove from illiterate and any way He sent it to the wrong guy- I have never responded to any those nor will I to this
But How many will I Wonder?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:11 05 Feb 09

The Nigerian banks are offering a lot higher interest rate than British banks according to this morning Email


  jack 20:27 05 Feb 09

I nearly got onto my bank............;-}

  Stuartli 21:31 05 Feb 09

Just like the rest of us, they are suffering from the credit crunch.

That's why they are so keen to try to persuade me to give them a tiny proportion of my very welcome £26.2m lottery win.

  jack 08:43 06 Feb 09

That you did not buy a ticket for?

  jolorna 09:17 06 Feb 09

i thought it was Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon now not Mr Khofi Annan nowdays so it looks like it looks like the scammer got it wrong unless its me got it wrong

  bjh 10:58 06 Feb 09

I'm obviously less well-thought of than you people. All mine come from poor little old widows who now have canser (sic; probably not sick) and, with God's will, would like to send me their money for a downpayment. never a UN Secterary General (past or present) amongst them.

  laurie53 11:10 06 Feb 09

The Nigerians have given up on me.

I wish the pornsites would!

  Stuartli 13:26 06 Feb 09

Why buy a ticket when you can win for free?

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