Those 'Free' fuel saver gadgets

  jack 17:03 27 Feb 10

That are distributed by the utilities
D you have any?
I have the power scrip the shuts all down[except those you want to stay on stand by for timer recording
Also the one that is clipped to the power in cable ans wirlessly sends your consumption data to a repeater by your side.

The last one has failed- and no longer works
The power strip my friend has also failed and I am not too sure about mine either , it too may have failed.

How have you all fared?
Still working are they?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:10 27 Feb 10

I just use common sense but I suppose the gadgets are handy for those singularly bereft of common sense.


  Woolwell 18:12 27 Feb 10

Didn't get any from the utilities.

  canarieslover 18:31 27 Feb 10

Weren't you lucky!!!

  spuds 18:50 27 Feb 10

British Gas seemed to be the most friendly in distributing these 'free' saver gizmo's.

Eon seem to offer excuses ;O(

  morddwyd 19:49 27 Feb 10

"handy for those singularly bereft of common sense."

Not just bereft of common sense, but also of memory.

I have one of the type that clips to the main meter cable.

If it's still showing a kilowatt when I'm about to go to bed I know I've left something on somewhere, usually in the garage!

Don't knock it, GANDALF <|:-)>, some of us are not perfect.

  peter99co 20:14 27 Feb 10

NPower are offering a free monitor that reads total electricity use and connects to the in side of the power cable prior to the meter.

Only if you have duel fuel and pay by direct debit.

I am an existing customer so I don't get one.

  Input Overload 09:12 28 Feb 10

Never seen them, I tend to use the off buttons, it's remarkably effective & is free. I do leave the Hi-Fi on 24/7 as it sounds better.

  Pine Man 10:57 28 Feb 10

Greenwich Council are making electricity meters available free from local libraries to enable people to see how much electricity they are using.

Isn't that what the meter in the cupboard under the stairs does?

  peter99co 11:47 28 Feb 10

Their use is to make the cost of electricity more transparent. Without one how does a person know the actual cost of running an appliance.

My daughter once asked how much electricity does a fan heater use and when I told her it was the same as 20 light bulbs she was very suprised.

A meter to show the increase in cost per hour when the fan heater is switched on is just what she needs. This is far better than running the heater oblivious of the ensueing bill to follow.

I don't need an outdoor thermometer to know it is cold but it is nice if I can see how cold it is without going outside to feel it

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