Those filters on our Telephones yesd or no- discuss

  SparkyJack 30 Nov 11

This is discussion point here rather than a Help room poser.

Earlier this year I moved to BT Infinity- The installer duly came and fixed up a new master socket,the router and Home Hub and then went round my 3 telephones and removed the filters-' You don't need these now ' he said its all dealt with in the new set up . Indeed all worked well no hang ups or drop outs

Returning home from a weeks absence - discovered the phone was dead - broad band ok - no phone- reported the same via mobile and the engineer tuned up next day muttering the statuary warning'If its your Kit you Pay' but after testing said no the fault is external - 37 metres away up the pole on the other side of the road. Meanwhile yesterday the broadband failed also.

The man with the cherry picker turned up yesterday - fixed the problem up the pole in ten minutes and then came indoors to check the connections. As he was doing so he asked where are the filters - you have to have them. So conflicting advice? Does the the Infinity man know something the linesman does not?

What do you all think?

  Woolwell 30 Nov 11

BT says that you do not need them BT Filters on Infinity (see the bottom of the article).

  Woolwell 30 Nov 11
  Al94 30 Nov 11

I've had Infinity for over a year now, no filters.

  johndrew 30 Nov 11

Could easily be a lack of technical communication within BT - it wouldn't be the first time.

  spuds 30 Nov 11

This seems to be one of those ongoing problems. I use TalkTalk, and when I have contacted their support team, its always a parrot fashion straight from the screen "Have you checked the filters". When I explain that my 'approved' system doesn't have external filters, confusion sets in, which then confirms the technical advisor isn't equipped to be technical!.

  SparkyJack 30 Nov 11

Thank you all I guess in this highly technical world- Folk will only need to know what is necessary to get the job done- unless they are naturally curious that is - like us here.


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