They’re sooooo cute, bird of prey pics update

  Blackhat 11:00 27 Mar 11

Some of you will have seen my previous post featuring my bird of prey pics from the International Centre for Birds of Prey, but after another days volunteering work I thought you might enjoy these little cuties.

I was given the task of baby sitting some 5 week old Eagle Owl chicks, we are getting them used to human contact so they must be played with for an hour a day.

Get ready to say ahhhhh and click here

If you haven’t seen my previous slideshow
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  Forum Editor 12:23 27 Mar 11

Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder.

I can see that you're enthusiastic about your volunteering work, and good for you, but you'll have to excuse me if I don't share your 'sooooo cute' opinion.

  Blackhat 13:38 27 Mar 11

Agreed, It’s not to everyone’s taste but all the visitors shared the same reaction when they saw them playing around.

For the not so cute I also spent some time with a Steller’s sea eagle (the heaviest eagle breed) and he certainly ain’t cute.
click here
click here

  OTT_B 13:50 27 Mar 11

Personally I think the Stellar's Sea Eagle is a better looking bird!

  Blackhat 13:58 27 Mar 11

And there are some real pretty girls, meet Vera, lappet faced vulture.
click here

  rickf 16:34 27 Mar 11

You're ding a greta job! Keep it up.

  rickf 16:37 27 Mar 11

BTW, Greta pics. The young ones are so cute, I agree. They have a comical look on their faces which thrills me no end.

  cycoze 16:49 27 Mar 11

I think most Owls look fugly when born until feathered up, these guys are going to look gorgeous in a few weeks, look forward to seeing some images of them then.

Love the clacking sound of their beaks when they play with your fingers, sounds like castanets.

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