These terrible Scottish villains never learn

  carver 28 Mar 13

First it's nicking charity Easter eggs but to make matters worse even when they are caught they don't behave enter link description here it's about time they were made to work 15 hours a day sowing mail bags or making trainers, or better still made to work for Apple enter link description here they know how to treat these naughty people.

  fourm member 28 Mar 13

Shame on the BBC.

The Executive Summary of the full report has 33 paragraphs and it is paragraph 19 before television gets a mention.

The press release from the Scottish government summarises the recommendations but doesn't even mention TV.

Cherry-picking to highlight an issue that will cause Col. Huffton-Buffton to splutter over his pink gin is the sort of thing you expect from the Mail or Telegraph. Perhaps the BBC is trying to counter claims of left-wing bias.

If prisoners were given the choice between watching TV and managed activities there might be something to moan about. The problem, however, is that the prison service is not able to offer the sort of activities that would establish a work-based routine.

  spuds 28 Mar 13

"The problem, however, is that the prison service is not able to offer the sort of activities that would establish a work-based routine".

Where did you get that quote from, because only a very short distance from where I live is a rather large YOI (Young Offenders Institution), and they seem to offer all sorts of "work-based routine" incentives and options.

  fourm member 28 Mar 13


I read the report that calls for more routine based activities to instil a work ethic.

  Chegs ®™ 28 Mar 13

As employers tend to avoid applicants with a criminal record instilling a work ethic in prisoners won't help them find employment. What is needed is for CRB disclosures to only be needed for certain types of work instead of as now even applying for credit can be refused if you have convictions.

  chub_tor 28 Mar 13

Maybe they should look at How to Survive a Federal Prison - I particularly liked point 5 after you are in prison "Always be polite and respectful to guards and other prison employees, even if they are evil SOBs"


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