There's an awful lot of.....

  Grey Goo 09:51 08 Aug 08

Coffee in Brazil, according to the song.
Now it appears there's an awful lot of crude oil in the offshore Santos Basin.

  birdface 10:31 08 Aug 08
  Cymro. 11:01 08 Aug 08

I suppose that every drop helps to delay that fateful day when we do eventually run dry.

  Al94 11:14 08 Aug 08

..... pollution in Beijing!

  laurie53 20:31 08 Aug 08

Time we went in and sorted that corrupt regime in Brazil!

  Kaacee 20:32 08 Aug 08


I think weve got enough on our plate with Iraq and Afghanistan

  newman35 21:18 08 Aug 08

I believe you may have missed out on the sarcasm spotting gene when you read laurie53's post.

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