Is there nothing they wont do for publicity

  jakimo 12:56 22 Nov 09

The "Get me out of Here" celebs decided that they would have rat on the menu,no doubt believing it would boost viewing figures.....

Fourm Member....I would suggest that you go and make a cup of tea as my link will take you to a Daily Mail report.

click here

  Forum Editor 13:24 22 Nov 09

is probably not. I'm surprised that you need to ask.

  Grey Goo 14:20 22 Nov 09

Well people who do not indulge in certain activities are always telling everyone else what they can and cannot do,so nothing new there then. I haven't seen Ratty Num Nums in Sainsburys lately though.

  Hercule Marple 15:45 22 Nov 09

Don't watch rubbishy programmes like that and they'll stop making them.

  Pine Man 15:58 22 Nov 09

They aren't compulsory.

  Hercule Marple 20:19 22 Nov 09

You miss the point (probably deliberately).

  morddwyd 20:28 22 Nov 09

Many people, though I am not one, derive a great deal of pleasure ( and a lot earn a living) from what you regard as rubbishy programmes.

Why do you want to stop them?

Live and let live.

  Hercule Marple 10:29 23 Nov 09

I want some programmes to watch so I can justify to myself the tv licence fee. There's naff all worth watching. If my main tv set conked out atm, chances are I wouldn't replace it, there's so little programming that appeals to me.

  Pine Man 11:34 23 Nov 09

Did it ever occur to you that the programs you like might just be the sort that the viewers of programs like I'm a celeb don't like and you might, just might, be in the minority?

  peter99co 11:41 23 Nov 09

I am in a minority then because I can't find much to watch either.

A celebrity is someone who gets media attention and most frequently has an extroverted personality

They should have their own channel then and let us minions watch the decent stuff.

  donki 11:47 23 Nov 09

I can find plenty of stuff to watch, none of it has anything remotely to do with celebs. If you feel so trongly about the "trashy tv" why not sell your tv and cancel your licence, sounds to me like your just throwing away good money on something that is of no benifit to you.

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