There are many good reason to start the day

  jack 08:35 02 Jun 08

With a good and heary breakfast.
For example if these guys full tums this may not have happened
click here

  newman35 08:50 02 Jun 08

"Hear, Hear" to that then.

  laurie53 09:11 02 Jun 08

Oh Dear!

  peter99co 12:31 02 Jun 08

The Wind can be cruel at times. No time to turn to wind. I have been there myself and been unable to react. Not in such a grand racing machine as that though.

  Pineman100 18:01 03 Jun 08

I capsized my Shearwater catamaran a couple of times (many years ago). Once the mainsail is underwater it's a real b*gger to get a cat righted.

  Forum Editor 18:43 03 Jun 08

although I've never done it in anything nearly as big as that boat. I once capsised the boat as I was giving my wife her first sailing lesson - needless to say she reminisces about it every time the subject of sailing crops up with friends.

  peter99co 19:36 03 Jun 08

Mine always went over the side on the downstream mark. A non swimmer but very brave.^|^

  1911 19:57 03 Jun 08

Actualy it was the boat beside it that caused it to capsise. Its pontoon(?) went under the pontoon of the capsised boat and lifted it. Bad driving.

  peter99co 20:02 03 Jun 08

I beg to differ. Look again. It was a wind gust that almost took out the second boat as well.

  peter99co 20:08 03 Jun 08

The following boat went to starboard very quickly to keep upright. No time to bear away I think. I bet it got the adrenalin going for the crews.

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