Thanks BBC

  mr simon 00:26 20 Dec 10

After a long shift at work, I was looking forward to coming home and putting my feet up with the final of The Apprentice, but the BBC have saved me two hours by putting the results, a mere hour afterwards, on the main news page which just happens to be my homepage.

Rant over.

  dagbladet 02:21 20 Dec 10

Heck you think they would have known that's your homepage...and that you were going to log on...just prior to watching it. YCMIU!

  spikeychris 16:42 20 Dec 10

What would you suggest is an appropriate time?

  Noldi 11:32 21 Dec 10

And the BBC have known the winner for several months, you would have thought they could have held on for another couple of days until all had watched the recordings. I recorded it and watched it last night; I had my idea who would win so it was not such a big surprise for me. I didn’t think it was as good as previous series.


  Forum Editor 11:36 21 Dec 10

it's news.

Had it not been reported I would have been amazed - it was all over other internet news sites within a short time of the screening.

  Strawballs 11:42 21 Dec 10

The winner and runner up have been on lots of programs since the your hired program so to think they hold off for a couple of days would be a waste of time.

  HWJC 18:02 21 Dec 10

"It's news"

Entertainment news, possibly. I don't consider that news, personally. A more misguided bunch of misfits I've rarely seen.

Some of the tests were positively insulting. While some results have been impressive, some "winners" would not have had any customers on day two, such were the appalling habits they displayed. Made money on day one, yes. Having a viable business after that, never in a million years. I'd never use some of them again after being duped the first time.

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