Thank heavens for laptop and wifi!

  Kate B 12:47 25 Mar 05

I'm confined to the sofa with a broken foot ... crutches, cast, the whole inconvenient bit. And I'm blessing the days I bought my laptop (an iBook) and set up my wireless network - it means despite being stuck indoors I'm in touch with my friends, the rest of the world and can even slaughter monsters in World of Warcraft ... all from the sofa!

So if you think a sofa-friendly set-up is too extravagant - believe me, it's not.

  Chris the Ancient 12:48 25 Mar 05

Who/what did you kick? ;o))

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:55 25 Mar 05

I believe that Winston Churchill and Leonardo Da Vinci managed OK without a laptop.


  Kate B 12:57 25 Mar 05

Chris - I slipped on the super-shiny marble floor at Canary Wharf ... sigh. And Gandalf ... they didn't have the option!

  Forum Editor 18:36 25 Mar 05

In the meantime, we'll try to keep you reasonably amused.

  BigMan24 03:52 26 Mar 05

Hey Kate,

dont mean to be nosie, but do u work in Canary Wharf? If so what do u do?

I'm quite interested as I'd like to work there (not specifically Canary Wharf, but around the city) when I finish uni. If u think i'm asking too a personal question (i.e. givin details out to random strangers on the web) sorry and just say so!


  wiz-king 07:23 26 Mar 05

you use to write note to the teacher - My mum sed I cant come to skool today cos I got to stay hom and ply with my new Sony thingy. What an excuse.

  Newuser38 09:24 26 Mar 05

Accident Line, ready for the next TV ad?

Sorry probably not funny but you could research them from the couch and may be the Owner would come up with bigger compo.

  Sapins 09:31 26 Mar 05

Are you reading the online computer magazine? click here

  Kate B 12:47 26 Mar 05

Sapins, thanks very much for the link - very much appreciated! and thank you all for your concern. BigMan24, I'm a journalist - I was freelancing at the Telegraph (which is on the 11th floor of the tower). If you rush out and buy the Telegraph today you'll see that (Saturday) I did manage to write all the previews of the digital channels in the telly supplement before I came crashing to earth, so to speak.

  Sapins 10:02 27 Mar 05

My goodness you were lucky to have only broken your foot falling from that height;-)

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