"on thames" change of town names

  sunnystaines 12:29 01 Nov 10

my town has come up with a way to waste more money at a time of cutbacks by renaming itself "staines on thames"

just down the road dorney wants to rename itself "eton dorney"

why do towns want a change of name after hundreds of years.

is your town thinking of a name change too.

  jakimo 12:48 01 Nov 10

'is your town thinking of a name change too'

If it were 'Wastealot' would be appropriate

  sunnystaines 13:03 01 Nov 10

the council blames the ali G image but a lot of filming takes place in staines due to the film studios in nearby shepperton.

a lot of dick emery was filmed in staines, but people in those days did not let it worry them.

someone needs wake up the council and remind them money is in short supply.

  sunnystaines 13:15 01 Nov 10

someone on BBC said today how about "St Aines" and it has become todays joke on bbc news inviting comic replies. I hope the mocking of staines on TV might encourage the council to leave alone.

  Kevscar1 14:03 01 Nov 10

If they don't like staines how about dirty marks instead.

  sunnystaines 14:07 01 Nov 10

your be surprised the amount of post that arrive where the town has been mis spelt stains

its supposed to be an old word for stones

  Woolwell 14:11 01 Nov 10

They could try the Roman name for the town "Pontes" or the Saxon "Stane".

  spuds 14:26 01 Nov 10

There are many villages and hamlets that seem to have bizarre names to the outsider,especially if you pronounce it wrong like some newsreaders do, but to the locals it can be a gem.

  onthelimit 15:01 01 Nov 10

Some names were given purely to amuse the locals when spoken by Americans. Listen to them struggle with Gloucester, Worcester and Leominster! (Yes, tongue is in cheek).

  sunnystaines 15:56 01 Nov 10

not heard of Leominster how is it pronounced

  Quickbeam 16:05 01 Nov 10

Leominster = Lemster

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