Test your PC competence

  g40 21:25 16 May 05

If you are rather bored!
If you score more than 128, you are, apparently, in the top 20% of the UK population for technical competence.
click here

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:46 16 May 05

So sharp I could cut myself................Still need help with a problem with NASA World Wind though. click here

  AndySD 21:55 16 May 05

hmm only 153

  Pooke100 22:00 16 May 05

It was the washing machine questions that let me down. doh.

where did I put the manual? oh yeah she's sitting watching the TV. LOL. just kidding. ladies calm down! I do my fair share of the chores.......


  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:05 16 May 05

154...TQ Tiger....'nuff said.


  Ancient Learner 22:06 16 May 05

I knew it! 124. OH dear. At least I think, only think mind you, that I am a bit better than my grandad who, in 1946, used to refer to them 'automatic bombs'.

  Dan the Doctus 22:11 16 May 05

Nope, still stuck on the first one :(

  Kate B 22:18 16 May 05

150 *modest blush*. Let down by the fact that I don't know how to use Excel.

134 Got to admit I know nothing about Excel or ipods.

  Border Collie 22:28 16 May 05

Twelve dozen for me so I must be in the bottom half of the top 20% }:-(

Then again I could be in the top half of the bottom half of the top 20% };0

  TOPCAT® 23:57 16 May 05

The old grey cells are still active but it's the memory that lets me down. :o( TC.

Your TQ rating is

TQ Tiger

(You scored 130)

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