The Test Match - Who's to blame?

  johndere 18:45 20 Aug 06

So the final test match of the summer ends the 4th day in utter farce. Were the umpires right to give England a 5 run penalty, a new ball & declare that the Pakistan Team had tampered with the ball?
Was the Pakistan 2 minute protest their fall down? Does this mean the game is over?

  wolfie3000 20:05 20 Aug 06

I saw it on the news earlier and my first thought was "there acting like children".

  SANTOS7 20:15 20 Aug 06

Under the laws of the game the Umpires made a decision which resulted in what you witnessed this afternoon.
Whatever you say or think about what happened will be purely HEARSAY as those directly involved have given no statements as to exactly what will happen next and the ramifications it could bring.
It needs to be dealt with in the manner the sport is played and hopefully SPORT will be the winner...

  Stuartli 20:52 20 Aug 06

The impression given was that the Pakistan players, quite understandably, took exception to any suggestion that they had cheated; I'm sure that the England players would have been equally miffed.

Sky News Sports, who checked back through their tapes after the reason became known, stated they had found no evidence up to that point of any claimed wrongdoing.

  GaT7 20:53 20 Aug 06

As was said on the Cricket on five show:

- when the 'ball-tampering' incident occurred
there should've been >>better communication>> between the umpires & the players, which especially should have involved the Pakistani capitan.

- when Pakistan failed to come onto the pitch, the matter should've been >>treated with kid's gloves initially>>. I know the rules state this, that & the other, but they don't have to be enforced without taking into consideration that there might have been a 'good' excuse - as difficult as it is to imagine. This is a game of cricket for heaven's sake - not some heinous undercover plot!

I feel Pakistan had every right to protest, but unfortunately their method & timing was a bit off IMHO. I feel sorry for the players on both sides, the spectators & myself - was looking forward to a cracking game of cricket on the morrow : (. I also hope sport/cricket will be the winner. Fortunately in the long run it always is : ) G

  GaT7 21:03 20 Aug 06

To your question - Who's to blame? - I'll say the umpires - in my opinion anyway. G

  SANTOS7 22:32 20 Aug 06

Not so, the umpires acted within the laws set down by their governing body, you cannot say who is to blame until all the facts are known..

  Belatucadrus 23:46 20 Aug 06

Rightly or wrongly the umpires made a judgement call based on an examination of the ball, they issued the appropriate penalty for that infraction. The Pakistani team clearly felt aggrieved, but getting in a huff and refusing to play is the wrong response. The judgement of the officials is final and getting in a strop when you don't like the call is silly, as Gatting found out when he lost it with Shakoor Rana. Throwing the game when you could have won is the ultimate in silly.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:09 21 Aug 06

Gals to see, that in keeping with football, no one cares about the fans.


  Sethhaniel 13:52 21 Aug 06

England won !!! ;)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:58 21 Aug 06

It is the only way that the lacklustre, amateur bunch of losers will ever win anything.


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