Terry's Trousers

  Pine Man 18:29 16 Oct 07

I am surprised no one has raised this one - yet!
click here

  Weskit 18:36 16 Oct 07

Ladies flaunt their enhancements, why not men...

  wee eddie 19:17 16 Oct 07

but I have never seen such a ludicrous piece of puffery.

Particularly the woman who said that she did not know where to look. How prim can you get, and I'm willing to bet that she wears a V Necked cardigan with her pearls, and thinks nothing of her exposed cleavage!

Maybe the old duffer will have started a new fashion. Now ~ Where did I put that Codpiece.

where is he supposed to keep it?

  dukeboxhero 20:05 16 Oct 07

well if thats what moleskin trousers can do for you ill have two pair

  Forum Editor 20:36 16 Oct 07

is continuing its descent into the wonderful world of mindless drivel.

  interzone55 21:14 16 Oct 07

"I see the Daily Mail

is continuing its descent into the wonderful world of mindless drivel."

Rather like Togmeister's show, he only sounds slightly competent because he follows straight after Sarah Kennedy's inane drivel.

Having said that, I listen to him most days on my way to work. I'd rather rip my ears off than listen to Chris Moyles

  cycoze 21:45 16 Oct 07

I hope the complainers never venture to the swimming baths or beach.


  Forum Editor 22:56 16 Oct 07

I also find Terry a little hard to take these days. He's done a great job over the years, and has been the consummate professional, but it's probably time he called it a day. His morning radio show is excruciating.

  Legolas 21:38 19 Oct 07

I think Terry Wogan is a legend in his own lunchbox ;-)

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