wolfie3000 05:19 15 Jun 06

Wasnt sure whether to post this in the helproom as it isnt a pc related question but was listening to Chronix aggresion today and heard a band called The Terrorists but cant find any info about them on the net im not even sure there a signed band.

Has anyone any info on them there music sounds like Sepultura?

Iv tryed HMV.COM and other sites like that but came up with nothing.

I want to see if they got any cd,s out and if i can buy them.

Anything will be helpfull.

Thanks in advance.

  €dstowe 08:06 15 Jun 06

Have you tried a Goooooogle search?

  €dstowe 08:21 15 Jun 06

That's why I was reluctant to search myself - apart from MI5/6 and the CIA taking an interest:-)

  SANTOS7 10:43 15 Jun 06

click here
took some finding, hang on a minute, couple of men in dark suites coming up me drive.OOOOH ERRRR!!!!

  semag 11:09 15 Jun 06

LOL, have they had any hits?

  SANTOS7 11:20 15 Jun 06

As far as we need to go i think, genuine band but not really a subject we need to make too many jokes about...

  wolfie3000 19:21 15 Jun 06

Thanks SANTOS7 but thats not them the band im after are a death metal band.

  Rigor mortis 20:03 15 Jun 06
  Rigor mortis 20:04 15 Jun 06


  wolfie3000 21:55 15 Jun 06

Sorry Rigor mortis it doesnt.

  SANTOS7 21:59 15 Jun 06

Are you sure its terrorists i have scanned a couple of death metal band sites with alphabetical listings and they do not appear, anything else to go on matey
they must be out there somewhere.....

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