Terror Trials

  laurie53 15:40 07 Jul 07

Could somebody perhaps explain to me why a suspect, arrested in Scotland for an alleged offence committed in Scotland, resident in Scotland, working in Scotland, has been transferred to Westminster for trial?

Couldn't possibly have anything to do with raising the Home Office, sorry Ministry of Justice, profile could it?


  Legolas 15:41 07 Jul 07

I was wondering that myself laurie53

  VoG II 16:25 07 Jul 07

Alleged offences in England also...

  Joe R 16:39 07 Jul 07


i'm sure this suspect is also being implicated in the car bomb incidents in London, which predates the Glasgow incident.

  tullie 16:47 07 Jul 07

Exactly Joe

  Legolas 17:05 07 Jul 07

Call me picky but their acutely never was a Glasgow incident. Glasgow Airport is situated in Paisley (the largest town in Scotland with a population of around 90,000) and was renamed from Abbotsinch Airport years ago probably to raise its profile, so technically Glasgow was never involved in any terrorist attack.

  Forum Editor 17:09 07 Jul 07

have taken place in London. An exception is the trial of Omar Altimimi, which is taking place in Manchester.

  bremner 18:37 07 Jul 07

If offences were only committed in Scotland the matter would have been investigated by the Scottish police and prosecuted in Scotland.

In this case offences have been committed in two countries and it has been decided that the Metropolitan Police will lead the investigation assisted by Strathclyde Police and any prosecution(s) will take place in England.

  laurie53 19:58 07 Jul 07

I'm afraid the point has been missed.

This suspect has not even been proved to have taken part in the Scottish (sorry Legolas, I'm afraid "Glasgow" airport made me jump to a conclusion I shouldn't have) incident, let alone the London ones.

This is not Guantanamo - let's hear/see some evidence


  bremner 20:09 07 Jul 07

Your having a laugh.

The guy who has been charged and appeared in court was seen by twenty witnesses dousing himself in petrol before being driven into the terminal building in a blazing car filled with petrol and gas cannisters.

His accomplice attacked those trying to douse the flames engulfing him.

Yes he will have to face a trial but don't compare his situation to those in Guatanamo

  realist 20:46 07 Jul 07

The one suspect charged so far has been charged with "conspiracy to cause explosions".

Wonder why he is not charged with "conspiracy to commit mass murder"?

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