Tennis query, wierd noise?

  Blackhat 22:44 29 Jun 08

I’m not a great tennis fan but I did enjoy Andy Murray’s match yesterday, what I want to know is what the lines people shout when a ball is out?

I think it would be either ‘out’ or ‘fault’ but it sounds like ‘auoogh’.

Any help?

  tullie 23:18 29 Jun 08

Its "Auoogh"

  Blackhat 23:28 29 Jun 08

Thank you that clarifies it .

  mrwoowoo 00:48 30 Jun 08

"Fault" on a serve and "out" at any other time.

  laurie53 09:04 30 Jun 08

It's a bit like no-ball in cricket.

Ideally you call no-ball (and stick your arm out) but in order to give the batsman time to change his stroke to take advantage of the bowler's attempt to cheat, particularly with a fast bowler, it all simply comes out as a barely comprehensible explosion of breath "NORLL".

One reason why aspiring umpires are taught to breathe in just before the ball is delivered.

In tennis I suspect the call should be as early as possible to avoid players having to stretch, and possible pull a muscle, to reach an impossible ball.

  Stuartli 09:29 30 Jun 08

>>In tennis I suspect the call should be as early as possible to avoid players having to stretch, and possible pull a muscle, to reach an impossible ball.>>

The speed of reaction of most umpires and linesmen/women can be quite breathtaking at times, although seeking calls to be "as early as possible" is stretching it a bit in view of the speed of the shots...:-)

However, in one Wimbledon women's match last week a ball hitting the baseline at considerable pace was called out, but the umpire immediately overruled the call.

HawkEye proved the umpire to be absolutely spot on.

  interzone55 10:14 30 Jun 08

The human brain is a wonderful thing, in a split second it can calculate the trajectory of a ball traveling at over 100mph and work out where it will land.

Imagine the complex calculus going on there...

  spuds 11:05 30 Jun 08

Hearing some of the grunts and groans, makes me wonder what tennis is all about.

I bet the balls they use, have an headache before the day is out :O)

  pavvi 07:04 01 Jul 08

So would you if you were being hit by a racquet at over 100moph!!!! :O)

  Stuartli 10:11 01 Jul 08

More like making a "racquet" in the case of some women players...:-)

In which part of the world are you currently surfing the PCA forums?

  Stuartli 10:15 01 Jul 08

By the way, I stopped watching Andy Murray last night assuming he was about to lose and went out for a Guinness.

To my amazement Murray was still sticking in there when I arrived at the club and it proved absorbing entertainment until that remarkable victory was clinched.

I'm sure that, as a confidence booster before facing Nadal, young Andy couldn't have written the script more dramatically.

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