Tell me which picture is distturbing

  finerty 16:53 PM 16 Aug 12
  Blackhat 17:09 PM 16 Aug 12


The last but one photo for obvious reasons to me!

  interzone55 17:27 PM 16 Aug 12

I'd say the next to the end one as well.

  Blackhat 17:33 PM 16 Aug 12


Just for clarity the last but one image is of a public hanging showing two people who would appear to be dead. You may not see any faces but the image does not leave much to the imagination as to the circumstances.

Many people find images of dead people disturbing.

  Aitchbee 17:46 PM 16 Aug 12

I don't want to look.

  Condom 18:13 PM 16 Aug 12

The point being?

  Forum Editor 18:22 PM 16 Aug 12

What's the point of your thread finerty - why did you post it?

  finerty 21:36 PM 16 Aug 12

just to see what others thought was the nost disturbing picture

  Aitchbee 22:01 PM 16 Aug 12

finerty - although it's tempting to make a rye comment...I won't.

  zzzz999 03:12 AM 17 Aug 12

It is an interesting collection of photographs.

  daz60 16:49 PM 17 Aug 12

The picture fourm member is making in engaging in 'guilt by association'.

The pictures of his "friends",Arafat and Brezhnev,stand in contrast to those other friends not shown who have given him sterling support over the years,be they business leaders or politicians.


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