Telephone line rental a condition for getting ADSL

  CurlyWhirly 18:49 15 Oct 05

I am just wondering if I could avoid paying telephone line rental to BT as I hardly ever use the phone while keeping my existing broadband connection?

I *think* I can as BT treat the different technologies as seperate from each other i.e. they charge both line rental and phone charges SEPERATE from their broadband charges.

To put this into context, my actual telephone charges were less than my quarterly line rental!
The telephone line was already installed before I moved here.

Does anyone know if I can do this or is keeping an existing landline account a condition of getting broadband?
Just curious!

  Forum Editor 18:51 15 Oct 05

without a landline, so yes, you must continue to pay your line rental.

  CurlyWhirly 18:57 15 Oct 05

Oh well that's knocked that idea on the head then :0(

I think it's a bit unfair but never mind, I will just have to live with it.
I never used to be a 'heavy' telephone user but use it even less now as finally deciding to get a mobile phone a few weeks ago as I felt left out!

I can't remember the time when I had phone charges that were actually *higher* than my quarterly line rental!
I will stay as I am then as I couldn't possibly manage without my broadband connection whatever the cost.
Thanks for replying.

  dth 19:56 15 Oct 05

am with you on that one curlywirly - it isn't much fun paying bt line rental so you can have adsl

  CurlyWhirly 21:08 15 Oct 05

No I agree it isn't fair especially when (according to BT) they are classed as seperate so if they are seperate then why this rule?

I expect it's to stop you moving to another Telecom company - not that I would anyway!

  Kev.Ifty 21:11 15 Oct 05
  Forum Editor 22:58 15 Oct 05

from BT, if not via a phone line? It's the only way they have of getting the servie to you, so of course you have to pay for a land-line....unless you use a cable service.

  CurlyWhirly 23:50 15 Oct 05

Kev.Ifty - Unfortunately I don't live in an area which has Cable :0(

Forum Editor - Fair enough in your above comment, not thinking straight.

  wee eddie 08:22 16 Oct 05

Excluding Line Rental, the largest phone bill I have had in the last 16 years was just below £5, as most of the calls I make have been on a company mobile. But I don't grudge the line rental.

After all.

What would I do if there was a fire.

  CurlyWhirly 10:23 16 Oct 05

[quote]What would I do if there was a fire?[/quote]

Yes good point as I am not sure if you can ring 999 from a mobile phone?

  Forum Editor 10:30 16 Oct 05

You can, but of course that depends on your battery having a charge - which is why a landline is an advantage.

Some mobiles - mine for instance - automatically send deatils of your location to the emergency services when you dial 999, in case you're unable to speak. This helps the services to find you.

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