Team GB

  Quickbeam 04 Aug 12

Are there still any doubting prophets of doom out there?

This nation is experiencing the greatest national feelgood factor I've ever experienced. The general uplift is quite noticeable everywhere around here, especially with a local gold athlete doing so well.

  Quickbeam 04 Aug 12

No full moon blues with that one.

  Forum Editor 04 Aug 12

I think it's true to say there is a fair bit of national pride in the air, although I'm sure there are lots of people who aren't a bit interested in the success our athletes are having.

My son was in the stadium this evening to see Jessica Ennis do her stuff, and he sent me a text to say he has never experienced anything like the atmosphere there. I imagine the Sunday front pages will be full of it all.

We're roughly halfway through the games now, and so far I believe we have put on a pretty good show - the organisation has certainly been excellent.

  rdave13 04 Aug 12

Forum Editor , wherever did you get the idea that "there are lots of people who aren't a bit interested in the success our athletes are having" get into your thoughts?

  Forum Editor 04 Aug 12


I can't imagine.

  rdave13 05 Aug 12

Forum Editor . Unusual for you.

  daz60 05 Aug 12

Watched BBC "catch up" Jessica Ennis medal ceremony,overwhelming performance and overwhelming emotions from her and crowd so well done,also watched the 'Velodrome Girls' incredible 6 world records and the gold,awesome performance.

Then watched 'sour face' Pearce,those penalties again.

Seem to do particularly well in rowing and cycling.

  carver 05 Aug 12

Up to now these games have surpassed anything I could have dreamed of, we have actually got facility's that any country would be proud to own plus a team of athletes that every one in this country should be proud of.

I was in a shop this afternoon while the men's double sculls was on and every person in that shop just crowded round the TV to watch them, mind you it's a pity we can't score penalties.

  interzone55 05 Aug 12

Every England football manager says the same thing - you can't practice the pressure of a penalty shootout.

If that's the case then how did Germany get so good at them.

I think I have the answer to the pressure problem though.

Simply get someone to hold a bag full of the player's cash and a cigarette lighter, if they miss they lose ten grand

  morddwyd 05 Aug 12

"there are lots of people who aren't a bit interested in the success our athletes are having"

Guilty as charged!

That doesn't mean to say that I am not happy for the people who do have such an interest, or that I don't recognize the joy and happiness (and inspiration) that the medal winners are bringing.

As I've said before, Like football and Formula 1, it just ain't my bag!

  KRONOS the First 05 Aug 12

the organisation has certainly been excellent.

Yep the empty seats have been testament to the excellent organisation.


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