Tax on Cows

  ulrich 19:42 10 Jul 08

Is it likely that the PM Mr Brown will now Heavily Tax cows due to their large amount of Methane releases. If cars are taxed on their emissions how much will we have to pay for a pinta milk?

  Clapton is God 19:47 10 Jul 08

So, should we give Gordon a 'pat' on the back?

  ulrich 20:00 10 Jul 08


  Grey Goo 20:56 10 Jul 08

Will go under "Udder expenses"

  peter99co 21:41 10 Jul 08

The Dutch have a lot more cows than we do I think.
All that cheese and cream. Do they pay tax yet?

  €dstowe 21:58 10 Jul 08

All cows will be required to have a pipe shoved in their rear ends which is connected to the national gas supply.

It's not only cows that produce huge amounts of gas - all herbivores do. I've had the misfortune of being at the wrong end of an elephant when it decided to release its methane reserve. It seemed there was enough gas to keep a small town supplied for a week.

  spuds 23:45 10 Jul 08

Isn't there already a tax on cows, and most other animals and their products. Its known as VAT!.

  €dstowe 10:35 11 Jul 08

As I wrote: click here

  Cymro. 11:02 11 Jul 08

This must be what Sarah Kennedy was on about on her show this morning when she was reviewing the newspapers.

  mrwoowoo 17:05 11 Jul 08

Since we all exhale co2 during the respiration process,i wonder if we will soon have a tax on lungs. Another nice little earner for the government under the green guise.Perhaps people who sufer panic attacks will be put into the highest tax band.The only exeptions would be if they sealed their brown paper bags after use and disposed of accordingly.

  peter99co 13:52 13 Jul 08

It's a gas!

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