Talking point No 38

  tried 20:13 28 Oct 07

If anyone starts this Ill go mad!! (I know someone who will!)

  Totally-braindead 20:18 28 Oct 07

I presume you're talking about Brumas postcard images.
I don't take part as I haven't recognised any of the pictures but many on the Forum do enjoy a bit of detective work.
If you don't then just ignore it. Its only one posting a week and theres plenty of other things you can look at.

  Bingalau 20:23 28 Oct 07

tried. It's only a bit of fun, but if you want to go mad, then carry on........

  octal 20:44 28 Oct 07

I'm sorry you feel that way, but you can always ignore it when you see it. I think they are far more entertaining than some of the posts you get on here, long may the photos continue.

  youtruth 21:16 28 Oct 07

Sounds like a tired tried.

I'm sure Brumas will venture on past 39 steps and good luck to him.
I have never gone on walkabout with his talking points but I do sometimes have a wee look.

I love the way that Brumas has created something very unique and successful within this forum.

There are others, like the FE and G who chisel out their message with style, only to be constantly knocked by some of the our unforgettable wooden melting candles within.

Remember, we may not love the current No.1 song but it will still be sitting above the rest.

  rdave13 21:27 28 Oct 07

Simple enough, don't like a thread then don't read it.

  Jak_1 21:34 28 Oct 07

If you don't like it, leave it. Plenty here do like it.

  tried 21:44 28 Oct 07

Brumas has done that. If I promise to to do better in future can I still respond?

  bluto1 21:49 28 Oct 07

Do tell us what it's like when you reach madsville.

I very nearly posted a photo of a very lovely girl I know(she's fully dressed) but stopped in time when I realised that every lothario here would recognise her, at least that's what they'd say. Now I know you're going to ask me to post it anyway, so I've done the honourable thing and asked her permission.

  rdave13 21:50 28 Oct 07

Up and Grow come to mind. Green tick will you?

  tried 21:59 28 Oct 07

Blimy well and told off that time!!

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