Take away his beloved "Merc"

  Bingalau 16:55 11 Mar 08

I am talking about that TV loudmouth Jeremy Clarkeson, who should be setting a good example to all of us. Caught on camera using his mobile phone whilst driving in the middle lane of a motorway. He should be punished harder than us other mere mortals of course. I think he ought to at least lose his job and his "beloved Merc which he loves more than his genitals"... The man's an idiot.

  peter99co 17:00 11 Mar 08

He said on a program that you are more likely to be killed by your trousers,but that was flying.

  Chris the Ancient 09:40 12 Mar 08
  johndrew 09:48 12 Mar 08

Obviously another one who thinks the law is for everyone else.

  lofty29 09:55 12 Mar 08

another load of dosh for a top lawyer and he will get away with it. these pratts will not be happy until they kill someone

  walesrob 10:25 12 Mar 08

Oh come on, I see MANY drivers still using their mobiles whilst driving, when they know they shouldn't. Why make an example of Clarkson? How about the white van driver who almost hit me last week in a supermarket car park as he was busy concentrating on his phone conversation rather than his driving?

  merciarich 10:35 12 Mar 08

I was shocked by the pic and the story.....


What about, as walesrob said, the other drivers who use their phones when driving? I see at least 2-3 a day chatting away on a mobile, then when people beep them you get the V signal.....

Good on ya Clarkson.... hope you get banned.

You think that with the money he earns he would be able to buy a hands free set!! Still, its always a berk thats in a merc.

  spuds 11:30 12 Mar 08

I could fill a photo album, with the amount of vehicle driving mobile phone users around our neck of the woods. The police did a purge on 'illegal' number plates the other week.Seemed to have missed some of the (blacked-out windows) local celebrities though!.

Perhaps the Top Gear presenter was phoning Nick "Mr loophole" Freeman about having his photograph taken by another mobile phone user!.

  robgf 11:51 12 Mar 08

You can't see his face in the picture, or the car number plate. So unless there are better pictures, you only have the word of the other motorist, that it was him. I doubt he could be prosecuted on that evidence.

  kingisangus 11:52 12 Mar 08

Well unless this young ladies mobile phone camera is of mazing good quality, it would appear the vehicle mr clarkson is in is standing still, no motion blur in the background and the density of traffic woul dindicate its a traffic jam.

Yes still illegal but lets get some perspective people.

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