Tactical shift or escalation?

  oresome 16:55 24 May 11

The defence minister told parliament today that the use of helicopters in Libya would not represent an escalation of the mission, but only a "tactical shift" to improve the ability to strike moving targets more precisely.


  nangadef 20:12 24 May 11

"improve the ability to strike moving targets more precisely."

But they never attack the moving tanks etc. of the 'rebels'.

  Proclaimer 21:13 24 May 11

I'm still trying to work out why they attacked Ships in Tripoli...

  Devil Fish 21:22 24 May 11

More chance of hitting Gaddaffi with a helicopter than a Jet Fighter ? or is that just me being cynical

  Strawballs 12:47 25 May 11

Devil Fish

What's wrong with that, when he had the overwhelming force in his favour he said he would go house to house and show them no mercy!

  Cymro. 16:19 25 May 11

A war is still a war whatever the excuse and the sooner it is bought to an end the better. Better to go all out now than let it drag on for years and years. We should be glad that our armed forces don`t have to fight with one arm tied behind their backs as has happened so many times in the past.

  Devil Fish 00:05 27 May 11

i'm not saying anything is wrong with it take out the problem war over.

But it would go beyond the remit layed down by the UN enforce no fly zone and protect Civilians if we start going beyond that is their any point to the UN

  zzzz999 05:59 27 May 11

Next it will be troops on the ground to better guide those missiles in.......


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