Swine flu offers 'extraordinary super immunity

  peter99co 18:52 11 Jan 11

At last some good news!

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Doctors hope to harness this power to make a universal flu vaccine that would protect against any type of influenza.

I wish them well.

  sunnystaines 19:27 11 Jan 11

lady that had it last year caught it again this year and died, she was fit and healthy too [ex being a smoker]

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  spuds 12:11 12 Jan 11

Seeing how people are having the 'sniffles' one day, then being rushed into hospital, and possibly dying the next, then the scientist sure haven't got to the heart of the matter.

Many years ago, I had a very fit and healthy friend or regarded illness as a bye-word of something strange. He didn't feel well, rushed to hospital and we were burying him a week later. I think that it was the 'Asian Flu' that he succumb to?.

  peter99co 16:36 12 Jan 11

for the future not now.

Ultimately this could replace the "best guess" flu vaccines currently used.

Such a vaccine is the "holy grail" for flu researchers.

It will be possible to generate a universal flu vaccine."

If that is not good news, I don't know what is.

  sunnystaines 16:50 12 Jan 11

fingers crossed

  al's left peg 18:14 14 Jan 11

I think I have just suffered with this awful swine flu. I have not been to the doctors or anything to confirm it but I can honestly say in my 43 years I have never ever felt so ill.
It started with a sore throat down one side of my neck on the 4th Jan, and I have just started to feel like I am getting better.

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